#DanceForInclusion Flash Mob - Los Angeles, CA - Sept 24, 2017 @ Venice Beach 


See our pilot #InfiniteInclusion flashmob in Venice Beach below.  We are renaming our project #DanceForInclusion and renewing our social movement with a #DanceForInclusion flashmob on Sun Sept 24, 2017 again at Venice Beach.  Join us for a celebration of diversity, difference, and inclusion!  #BeInfinite  


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#DanceForInclusion Concept

Though we are all human beings and share common human experiences and emotions, we are all infinitely unique: different DNA, backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, identities, tastes, looks, interests, etc.  And though we are each unique, we all have a need to be included, and deep down we all have a strong desire to include others.  However, even in a diverse country like the USA, there is still much exclusion and discrimination, and we oftentimes see inclusion advocacy practiced through bitterness and violence.

#DanceForInclusion (initiated as #InfiniteInclusion in Nov 2016 and renamed #DanceForInclusion) is a social movement lead by Infinite Flow - A Wheelchair Dance Company to mass market inclusion through dance and innovation, creating infinite opportunities.  #DanceForInclusion refers to inclusion in a broad sense.  It’s not only a movement advocating for people with disabilities, but also about advocating for other minorities groups (different ethnic & religious groups, LGBTQ, etc), as well as simply including someone at the lunch table or in a conversation at a party.  It’s about breaking down barriers everywhere: at work, school, media, entertainment, pop culture, politics, literature, beauty, employment, travel, architecture, transportation, city development, etc.

Purpose: To raise awareness on the importance of inclusion, diversity, and accessibility with a #DanceForInclusion flashmob & #BeInfinite

When: Sun Sept 24, 2017

Tentative Schedule (Please sign up above to receive all updates)

10am  Check-In, get your #BeInfinite shirt, and Meet & Greet @Rose Room (6 Rose Ave, Venice, CA 90291)
11am-3pm Rehearsal @Rose Room (lunch served during break)
3:15-3:45pm1 mile stroll to the Boardwalk (Winward Plaza)

4pm  Dance our hearts our with the #DanceForInclusion FLASHMOB!!!

Fee: FREE   

Participation Includes:

- FREE #BeInfinite T-Shirt

- Lunch

- Tons of Fun 

**The flashmob will be filmed.  All participants will be required to sign a media & liability release.


Rehearsal Location: Rose Room 

Rose Room (6 Rose Ave, Venice, CA 90291)


Flashmob Location: Venice Beach Board Walk - Winward Plaza

Cross streets of Ocean Front Walk and Windward 


What to Bring/Wear (be sure to sign up so you get the latest info):

  • Wear comfortable clothing.  At registration, you will receive a the official #BeInfinite shirt
  • Bring Water.  (We will provide lunch & snacks)
  • Keep your personal belongings minimal.  
  • Bring your friends to participate
  • Bring your big smile and great energy


If you have questions, contact Marisa Hamamoto at 949-267-8751 or InfiniteFlowDance@gmail.com.  

Volunteers & Sponsorship:

If you are interested in volunteering or sponsoring the #DanceForInclusion Flashmob on Sept 24, contact Marisa at 949-267-8751 or InfiniteFlowDance@gmail.com.  


Marisa Hamamoto



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