Dancing With the Stars Dancer Derek Hough Dances with Infinite Flow Kids Mary

Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars dances with Mary, 13 year old ‪‎Infinite Flow Kids‬ member. Mary was pulled out of the crowd for a surprise ‪‎show dance‬ without any notice, and was complimented by Derek himself in front of the entire crowd to have "great connection". Practice makes perfect, so proud of you Mary (and proud teacher: Marisa Hamamoto) Thank you Derek and Julianne for welcoming us. We were humbled and honored to be part of the ‪‎Move Interactive‬ launch. Thank you to our Infinite Flow family members to have come out in short notice - thank you for your commitment and dedication to our mission to increase access to quality dance instruction for all!  Whether you have two left feet or two left wheels we all have a dancer inside of us.  Til next time!