Team Members

JoAnn Jansen (Advisor to Artistic Director)

JoAnn Jansen is one of the most sought-after creative talents working in the industry today with a multitude of credits in film, television, commercials, and music videos. Most recently, she was invited to speak at a TedX conference, discussing the specific theme of “Creativity and Passion in Leadership”.  As a choreographer, acting, speaking and performance coach as well as a producer, JoAnn has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.  The actors include Johnny Depp, John Travolta, Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal, Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Aniston, Rachel McAdams, Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, and Antonio Banderas; producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Lawrence Bender; directors Ang Lee, Gore Verbinski, and Terry Gilliam; and singers Will.I.Am and Michael Bolton.  Some of the highlights of JoAnn’s career include:  Choreographing dance and movement sequences in the Academy Award winning film Rango where star Johnny Depp and a team of dancers had their movements recorded through the state of the art motion capture process.  Joann has choreographed the box office hit franchise films; Pirates of the Caribbean.  Producing Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, a film based largely on events from her own life. She also has the distinction of performing a duet with the legendary dancer Patrick Swayze in that film.  Frequent collaborator John Travolta has said of JoAnn, “She is like a chameleon. She can cross-reference dances throughout history and come up with just the right movement that suits the character and the film. She is brilliant.”  This creativity extends to directing as well. She has been the director of two short films, as well as a large-scale opera at the Budokan Theater in Tokyo, leading an international cast of performers including the Vienna Symphony, 40 Japanese dancers, and 8 opera singers from around the world.  Most recently JoAnn directed and choreographed “Dance America” for the USA Pavillion at the Shanghai world expo.  JoAnn is a member of The Television Academy of Arts and Sciences, Producers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild.


Michael Hansel (Resident Photographer)

Despite spending half his childhood in the hospital, 23 surgeries total, battling Osteogenesis, a genetic disease which caused his bones to break easily, Michael didn’t let that stop him from becoming the creative artist he is today.  He played classical jazz and classical music as a drummer on a college music scholarship, and completed his college degrees in both Audio and Television Production.  He has some experience acting and has directed a political thriller.  Today, his passion is Photography, and he is seen frequently with his camera within LA’s disability circles.  Michael has been capturing Marisa and Infinite Flow – A Wheelchair Dance Company, its events, activities, and growth since the beginning, and is now also an avid dance student in Infinite Flow’s weekly community wheelchair dance classes.


Kenzo Le (Resident Cinematographer & Digital Media Producer)

Khang Le is an LA-based cinematographer and filmmaker studying at the University of Southern California, specializing in narrative, commercial, and music video production. He was born in Vietnam and was raised in a small family with his parents who were passionate painters. After moving to California, they struck financial difficulty and had to make a sacrifice of abandoning their craft in order to raise the family. Khang decided it was his calling to keep artistry in his family alive and take on the passion in the form of film. By the age of 21 he has shot two feature films that have amassed international distribution, as well as directing, shooting, and editing a series of many short films that have made festival nominations. Two of his films, Que Sera Seraand Drill, have won Best Editing awards consecutively in the Next Generation of Filmmakers Festival in California. Aside from pursuing his education, he is currently working with several LA-based artists and dancers, being an active cinematographer for Branching Out--an LA-based film company, camera operator for webshows such as FunnyorDie, head videographer for the Santa Ana youth community center aimed at spreading equality, as well as coproducing an independent startup film company in China. Recently, he has discovered Infinite Flow--A Wheelchair Dance Company and recognized a shared passionate story of going against social expectations to keep a rare artform alive, and has thus been working closely with them to merge film and dance professionally. He wants to prove that art can be more than a hobby but also a fruitful career and lifestyle. 


Cindy Sayani (University Connections Coordinator)

Cindy Sayani is a recent graduate of the Psychology major and Disability Studies minor at UCLA. A scholar of her academic fields, Cindy is currently working on a research project aimed to strengthen UCLA Extension’s Pathway Program, designed for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She has also worked in research on “invisible” disabilities and medical conditions and how disclosing such conditions is a form of bringing awareness to others.Currently, Cindy is in the process of applying to attain her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, specializing in Medical Family Therapy. Her work in life is driven by a passion to promote a more inclusive society, and she is excited to be part of creating university connections and student intern programs for Infinite Flow - A Wheelchair Dance Company.