"My wife and I had so much fun, learned some great dance steps, and everyone from Infinite Flow was amazing! Can't wait to come back." - Andrew & Kirsten Skinner, Triumph Foundation

"She's got great connection!  It's amazing!  (Referring to Infinite Flow Kids wheelchair dancer)" - Derek Hough, Pro Dancer with Dancing with the Stars & Actor

“Infinite Flow focuses on the ability of the dancers, not on the disability” - Marc La Fleur, Infinite Flow Pro Troupe member

"I've done a lot of cool things since being in a chair 18 years but last night was truly amazing.  I felt the love for dance through your class and it felt as if I was really dancing!!  I'm ready for the next class" 
- Eric Williams, quadriplegic.  Founder & Director of The Beautiful World, a children’s theater show.

“(About Marisa) Her example is a powerful lesson of how persistence, determination, and unrelenting passion can create realities from the dreams you envision. Her story is a truly inspiring one for all of us who want to follow our passions. If you are lucky enough to have found yours, she can inspire you too.”
- Deborah Davis, Pushliving.com

"The best part about being a dancer is that we’re inspired on the daily by our amazing peers. Case in point, the members of Infinite Flow: A Wheelchair Dance Company. These dancers, some of who perform on their feet, while others perform on their wheels, are ballroom pros, and they’ve re-imagined what the art form can look like... By integrating company members with various levels of mobility, Hamamoto has created something truly unique and totally uplifting." - Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone, Dance Spirit Magazine

"... the inclusivity and creativity of Infinite Flow were new and refreshing for our students and allowed them to expand their understanding of what dance can look like and what choreographers and collaborators can create... Both the performance and workshop were entertaining as well as meaningful.  It was not only a fun experience, but it inspired conversation and learning." - Liz Vacco, Gabriella Charter School Program Coordinator

"“A lot of people get isolated … because their condition is unique, so it’s hard to relate and let your guard down... This is a perfect place for that. I came in here to volunteer and ended up dancing.” - Steve Bogna, Below-the-knee amputee

"I love learning new dance languages from Marisa. Infinite Flow helps me find balance and joy once a week. Class gives me and everyone in the room the ability to self express, get silly and get over frustrations to feel accomplished. Love, love, love!!!" - Taryn Hipwell, Dance Student & Ambassador

"Participating in the #DanceForInclusion Flash mob DC was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. As a little girl, I ALWAYS wanted to take dance lessons and given the opportunity to at least try to learn sign language and not be mocked. Marisa Hamamoto and the Infinite Flow - A Wheelchair Dance Company provided exactly that. For once my body, mind, and soul were simultaneously pushed to their maximum potential and worked as one unit in order to dance and sign along side my fellow peers. Yes, a few parts need to be translated to fit my body, but I communicated the exact same movements as every person around me. Thank you so much for this opportunity." - Jenny Border, Disability Advocate