Who We Are

Infinite Flow is a professional dance company and nonprofit 501(c)3 based in Los Angeles, founded in 2015


A world where diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity don’t have to be discussed because it’s a given.


To use use dance as a catalyst to inspire an innovative culture of inclusion and belonging.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe diversity & inclusion inspires creativity and drives innovation.

  • We believe inclusion is not just about checking a box, but a culture of belonging, connection, and collaboration.

  • We believe dance is transformational, dancing brings people together, and dance is a powerful vehicle for change.

Brand Values

  • Artistic Excellence: Unquestionable quality of artistry and creativity

  • Social Innovation: Creative and innovative solutions to social challenges

  • Empowerment: Removing barriers and thriving

  • Community: A safe place to connect and express

  • Mainstream: Appealing and empowering national and global audiences

  • Integration: Focussing on the inclusion of over the segregation of people with disabilities.

What We Do

Change Perceptions.png

Change Perceptions

The images we see around us become our reality.  We dismantle the disability stereotype and showcase the beauty of inclusion to broad audiences through live performances, videos, and other media content.

Build Community.png


It starts with each of us accepting and celebrating each other’s differences. We build inclusive culture and community through both online campaigns and offline events & meetups.



People with disabilities should have equal opportunity. We educate and start conversations on accessibility and inclusion with leaders of corporations, businesses, events, and dance studios. (launching shortly)

Some Facts

  • America's 1st professional wheelchair ballroom dance company

  • Performed at 100+ events.

  • 200+ inclusive dance workshops, classes, and events.

  • Recognized in 100+ media and press outlets such as ABC Good Morning America, NBC’s Today Show, Inside Edition, NowThis, Refinery29, GOOD, Broadway World, Dance Spirit Magazine, many MORE.

  • 45 Million+ video views on Facebook.

  • Strategic partners & clients include Red Bull, Apple Inc, Facebook, Kaiser Permanente, Refinery 29, Porsche, and others.

  • In all dance sessions, each person is an equal participant, no one is a volunteer. We don't use of the words "adapt" and "modify", instead we use the word "translate".


Infinite Flow was founded by Marisa Hamamoto, a professional ballroom dancer and stroke survivor. Marisa’s Bio / Story